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 Thursday, June 18th - 4 to 7:30 pm CEST  

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For the optimists who see the current situation as an opportunity to reconnect with their customers and adapt to their changing needs.


An amazing Customer Experience starts with dedication and empathy. It’s one thing when you’re getting your first customers: you can still talk to them all for quite a while. But then your product becomes more complex and your customer base grows... And your customers still expect the same top-quality experience! How do you care, at scale? How do you take into account each customer as a unique individual? Is that even possible?
Let’s learn from great founders and operators about how they’ve managed to make lots of customers happy, even during these hard times!



We crafted a unique online summit, inviting founders from all around the world, renowned speakers giving their take on creating memorable Customer Experiences






We are super excited to organize this live event in partnership with Amazon Web ServicesFreshworks! 


Even beyond their incredible cloud solution, they are long-term advocates for startups and we are thrilled to be working on initiatives to support the community with them.

This refreshingly simple customer engagement software is trusted by over 150,000 businesses around the world, a highly adaptable solution that allows you to track and follow up on your customers efficiently.


 Thursday, June 18th  - 4 to 7:30 pm  CEST  

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Build a Fanbase, not a Userbase

By Oussama Ammar, Cofounder of The Family

4:30 - 5:30 pm

Customer Experience in the 2020s... 


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VP of Customer Experience

at Slack  

Ali Rayl is responsible for making the working lives of Slack’s millions of users simpler and more productive. She has cultivated a culture of customer “love” since the company’s beginnings, when it was called Tiny Speck. As Slack experienced rapid growth, Ali realized it was too big for one person to know everything, so she created a policy of specialization and ownership for Slack's customer service representatives, and encouraged her team to start conversations with customers and facilitate seamless transactions. No matter how their issue is solved, Slack wants all customers to feel valued and heard.



 President, Continental Europe 

 at Freshworks 

Arun Mani leads Freshworks' expansion across Europe. He is an expert in building and scaling teams from scratch with experience spanning engineering, product, operations, sales and support. He believes in earning customers-for-life through exceeding expectations, and providing ‘moments of wow’. Arun strives to be constantly learning through new personal projects, including founding “NIA - A ray of hope”, a non-profit organization to promote women’s education in developing countries, and managing the toughest customer in his career: his 5 year old daughter.


Founder & CEO 

at Guru  

Rick brings twenty years of experience in creating category-leading software solutions and companies, and frequently speaks at industry events about startups, SaaS and cloud computing. Today, he leads Guru, a knowledge management solution that allows for better coordination between teams, and therefore a better, more coherent Customer Experience. CX is also an internal obsession at Guru: stories of team members going the extra mile for their client are showcased at team meetings & some designers are dedicated to products for sales reps or customer service agents.


Startup Business Development Manager 

at AWS France 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a subsidiary of Amazon that provides on-demand cloud computing services. Amazon’s mission is to be Earth’s most customer-centric company. In her capacity as Startup Business Development Manager at AWS, Julia works on partnering with the most influential incubators, accelerators and startup organizations in France. Julia is instrumental in helping French startups scale through business mentoring, granting access to growth programs and connecting founders to internal resources at Amazon or within her network. Previously, Julia was an innovation lead at Amadeus where she made it her mission to help startups grow through strategic partnerships in the travel vertical. In her spare time, Julia’s an avid skier, British boxer and horse-riding junkie since age 4.

Growth Advisor 

LAfter leading growth teams at high growth startups like Segment and Drift, Guillaume is now a growth advisor at B2B SaaS Startups including G2, Gorgias, Metadata and Madkudu and others. "G", as he's called in the US, is a Growth Marketing expert with a strong ROI focus with a special taste for B2B SaaS projects - particularly those requiring efficient tracking to deliver a strong ROI and thrive when in charge of a mixed marketing and engineering team.


Chief Strategy Officer 

at Algolia 

Gaetan was Algolia's first non-engineering employee. He scaled the Business Development and Sales teams from 0 to 10s of M$ in ARR, and now oversees the overall strategy of the company. Algolia is a technical product made for developers but often sold to non-technical people, so Gaëtan has had to align Marketing and Customer Success efforts with the insights gained by Sales reps to create the best Customer Experience possible - and this has gotten exponentially difficult as the product becomes more complex to cover a wider range of use-cases. 


Head of Growth

at Spendesk 

Jeremy is a marketer with sales skills who can code: the complete profile for a Growth leader in the 2020s. He was the fourth employee at Spendesk and helped them ramp up their Marketing and Sales effort through customization at scale, smart product marketing schemes and referral.



at tango.vc 

Ivan started his career as an engineer (at Dropbox and Facebook), before moving to Growth when Lyft acquired his startup (YesGraph) where he built the referral recommendations within the Growth team a team automating all of acquisition, using machine learning to efficiently deploy hundreds of millions of dollars. Today he's turned into and investor and content writer about all things Growth at tango.vc

Head of Customer Care 

at Zooplus 

Since 2017, Roman has been responsible for the customer care area for all zooplus stores. His absolute strength is to help customer care organizations adapt to new market conditions, goals and needs.For more than 20 years, Roman has known how to bring people, processes and systems together in the best possible way. Always with the goal of embedding a mindset for excellent service. Enabling people and the random acts of kindness movement are his personal drivers. An absolute animal lover, he loves to spend time in the riding stable with his 9-year-old daughter.



at Skilleos 

The eLearning industry lacks a top-of-mind brand: that is exactly what Cyril is building with Skilleos.

He'll be interviewed by Julia Barry of Amazon Web Services about making all their courses free during the lockdown - and the positive impact it's had on their business.

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