The Family is a long term, strategic & minority shareholder

We have multiple activities but a single mission: empowering entrepreneurs in their quest for a repeatable, scalable & profitable business model. Although our form is corporate, our attitude is partnership.

After the industrial age, the entrepreneurial age is beginning

In the entrepreneurial age, physics and information will be replaced by entrepreneurship: the ability to serve a customer at the highest level of quality & scale, simultaneously.

For the 1st time in history, the young must teach the old

Employment as we know it is dead: the new generation is not looking for a job, but strives to find purpose.

The Family is a black swan factory

Building unpredictable & non-linear businesses. The Family wants to be the market leader of innovation-driven value creation in Europe.

The money importance decreases in venture business

Added value through relevant services is becoming the key. However, capital stays the best way to align the interest of multiple parties. The Family puts money where the talents are, obliviating the boundaries.

Educating entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs educate us & each other in turn. From this exchange, a doctrine emerges. Coworking spaces are not the source of innovation, the people inside are. Mentoring is just another name for paternalization & derisking. Entrepreneurs must be let absolutely free in order to grow up correctly, healthily and awesomely.

The fellowship is the centerpiece of our family

Membership inside our family is a clear meritocracy. It is not time-based: you never leave The Family, unless we kick you out.

Partying is a serious matter, we are proud barbarians

No conflict, no interest.