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The Family, caring for entrepreneurs since 2013


 Friday 27, March  - 9 am to 7:30 pm  

Let's (joyfully) get what remote work can bring to the table...

We’re all adapting to working remotely. We've started doing Zoom calls, working in smaller squads, redefining how interactions go.

The good thing is that remote isn’t a new trend.
A large number of companies had already embraced it. These remote friendly companies have a lot to teach to us!

The challenge isn’t how to use some new tools. It’s about redefining processes and interactions, daily routines and team organization.

So we've invited entrepreneurs we admire for creating great companies while working remotely.

Now’s the perfect time to learn and meeting new people. And who knows, you may keep on working this way long after the crisis.


*20% of the benefits will go to Institut Pasteur for research to find a COVID-19 treatment.

Beginning Wed, March 25: €120

Early bird Ticket: €90


 Friday 27, March  - 9 am to 7:30 pm  


Hello humans! 5 min to connect with 6 guests

Unawkward games to overcome the distance ;)

 Fun  Interactive   Replicable 

9:30 - 10:30 am

Why working remotely can be good news?

Oussama Ammar, Cofounder of The Family

 Fun   Inspiring   Interactive 

10:30 - 11:30 am

Keeping employee engagement high

Scott Markovits, Remote evangelist from InVision

with Déborah Loye, Startup journalist at Les Echos


11:30 - 12:30 pm

Managing full remote teams and loving it

Pierre-Camille Hamana, CEO at Smartbnb

 Fun   Replicable   Inspiring 

11:30 - 12:30 pm

Hiring Awesome Remote Workers

Rodolphe Dutel, Founder of Remotive.io, ex Ops at Buffer

 Fun   Replicable   Inspiring 

12:30 - 2:00 pm

Lunch Time & Chatroulette 

The best conversations happen randomly

 Fun   Inspiring  

2:00 - 3:00 pm

Leveraging the remote transition to build your own tools

Emmanuel Straschnov, CEO at Bubble

  Interactive   Replicable 

3:00 - 4:00 pm

Fireside chat

Scott Chacon, Co-founder of Chatterbug & GitHub

with Alice Zagury, CEO at The Family

 Fun  Replicable 

4:00 - 5:00 pm

Playing on timezone for better productivity

Joris Delanoue, Cofounder & COO at Fairmint

 Inspiring   Replicable 

4:00 - 5:00 pm

CEOs best practices to win time back
& focus on what matters

Alice Default, CEO at Double

 Inspiring   Replicable 

5:00 - 6:00 pm

Fireside chat

Stéphane Kasriel, former CEO at Upwork 

with Annabelle Bignon, Cofounder at Maria

  Interactive   Inspiring 

6:00 - 7:30 pm

It's Time to share your situation & best practices 

Share your own tips and experiences

  Interactive   Inspiring 


 Cofounder at The Family 

Leaning on his entrepreneurial and investor experience, Oussama has supported The Family’s portfolio companies as they have raised €750M+ and grown to a cumulative valuation of €4B+ in the past seven years, including successes like Algolia, Qonto, Payfit and CaptainTrain.

His ability to grasp a broad range of subjects, from science to philosophy, and his uncompromising, no-BS vision of entrepreneurship have made him a sought-after speaker. He can talk about anything.

He is also a member of the Global Tech Panel chaired by Federica Mogherini & supported by Bill Gates, which aims to harness the opportunities of technology for human development on a world scale.


 Remote evangelist from InVision  

Scott Markovits is the former Head of Support at InVision, the world’s leading design collaboration platform. Built to foster collaboration and iteration, InVision helps people design, review and user-test a product before writing a single line of code.
Scott helped build this distributed company from the ground up as one of their first employees. He’s also helping hundreds of early stage startups on the side to scale their businesses.
Scott’s experience is just incredible and super useful, especially to startup founders.


 CEO at Smartbnb  

It’s fascinating watching Smartbnb grow. This solution for guests is a recipe for success: A fully remote team, with great culture & processes, extremely focused & super in terms of execution. What else? Oh yes, a super friendly
& kind CEO, Pierre-Camille, who will be with us to describe the way they manage their team remotely.
Good practices & learnings to expect from this one!


 Founder at Remotive.io 
& former Director of Operations at Buffer  

Rodolphe is simply the leading figure in France concerning everything related to remote. Remote changed his life when he was an employee at Buffer, a company well-known for being fully remote and for setting the standards around the topic.
After this adventure & convinced by the benefits of working from home for both companies and employees, Rodolphe built Remotiv.io - one of the best platforms & communities in the world to find hand-picked remote jobs.


 Cofounder & COO at Fairmint  

offer an alternative to classic VC fundraising. It’s easier, more flexible & more advantageous for the entrepreneurs :)
The two founders are based in the US, but they run their international team remotely, mainly using freelancers.
Joris is an incredible serial entrepreneur who has sourced, trained & managed hundreds of engineers. The processes he has in his bag are almost the definition of perfection.


 former CEO at Upwork  

Stephane is one of these unique future of work visionaries. He was formerly the CEO of Upwork, the largest freelance marketplace in the world with some impressive numbers: 12M+ users in 180 countries, 3M+ jobs posted annually & a market cap of $1.7B. He’s the one that drove the company’s innovation & led it through their IPO in 2018.

He is co-chair of the World Economic Forum Council on the Future of Education, Gender and Work & a tech expert on leading distributed teams.


 Cofounder at Double  

Double helps CEOs and their teams save time every day by matching them with an experience remote assistant, empowered by great tech. 

Alice Default was the first non-technical hire at both Front and Sunrise, where she focused on product management & marketing. After a couple of years at Microsoft rebuilding Outlook Mobile with the Sunrise team, she left with her 2-co-founders to start Double, to add a human component to the productivity tools they had been building for the past 5 years. Their team is based in New York, San Francisco, Toronto, and a few other places around the globe.


 CEO at Bubble 

Bubble is an incredible no-code tool for developing powerful web applications. It really goes way beyond even what you imagine. So many tools can be built with Bubble, it’s the perfect time to consider this option to optimize your internal remote processes.

Emmanuel bootstrapped the company like a boss, reaching 200k worldwide users with almost no VC money before raising a $6M round in July to accelerate.


 Co-founder of Chatterbug & GitHub 

GitHub is simply the place to build and share code online. This company managed to grow explosively while retaining a very lose organisation, embracing flat-hierarchy and remote work.
As one of GitHub's co-founder, Scott has many lessons to share. Lessons he later applied at Chatterbug, his current company, an adaptive solution to master language skills.