Dedicated to serving ambitious entrepreneurs.

Europe can become a much more diverse, dynamic, and open continent. We believe that entrepreneurship is the best way to do it. That’s why we stand on the entrepreneurs’ side.

At The Family, founders can:

● Book office hours with any director, whenever they want. We don’t tell them what to do. We suggest how, and how fast, keeping the level of ambition high.

● Access successful founders, thought-leaders, and key industry players. It’s as easy as asking for it on Slack.

● Find the most applicable service provider in a minute, fitting their specific context.

● Fundraise with the best investors. When traction and growth have been proved, we arrange meetings. We maintain solid relationships with global tier-one VCs.

● Grow their community and brand through our event platform, including an impressive online presence. Just on Youtube, The Family counts 6M+ views.

● Be surprised. The Family team is ready to fight for entrepreneurs and never surrender. We’ve won many high-profile battles for our startups. We manage the chaos of growth better than anyone else, because we care.

We called ourselves The Family for a reason. Read our manifesto.



Alice Zagury
Co-Founder & CEO
Oussama Ammar
Co-Founder & Director
Nicolas Colin
Co-Founder & Director
Balthazar de Lavergne
Erika Batista
Director, Paris
Naïm Taleb-Dumortier
CFO & Director, London
Mathias Pastor
Director, Fellowship
Hugo Amsellem
Director, Berlin
Nicolas Van Rymenant
Director, Brussels
Ayoub Assabban
Director, Brussels
Pietro Invernizzi
Fellowship Team
Lorenzo Castro
Fellowship Team
Jeddi Mees
Fellowship Team
Maxime Blondel
Paris Crew
Vladimir Oustinov
Paris Crew
Irina Nikolovska
Berlin Crew
Kyle Hall
Sandrine Lacout
Léa Evrard
Legal Counsel
Marie-Ange Soumah
Paris Crew
Maud Camus
Public Relations
Camille Dubreuil
Swag Team
Zineb Mekouar
Public Affairs
Yago Martinez-Falero
Social Content
Pierrick d'Annoville
Jean-Charles Kurdali
Part-Time Director
Giulia Mazzolini
The Family AAA
Tonjé Bakang
Part-Time Director
Thibauld Favre
Part-Time Director
Said Saad
Part-Time Director
Tyler Willis
Part-Time Director
Gagan Bhatia
Part-Time Director