The rendez-vous for artists

The Family invites artists who understand what it means to be an artist-entrepreneur in the digital age.
They’re open to share their experiences with you.
They don’t come from the tech world, but they hack its tools.
Join in!


Be your own producer

It’s not OK to let anyone else decide when, where and how you promote your creations. The cool thing today is that you can learn how to overcome intermediaries and get that precious freedom back. Manage your own art and make a living out of it. Yeah.
Because why should making money be evil? Online platforms, creative software, social’s your responsibility to get informed and choose the ones that are useful for you. It's not easy to use it all at first, but you can learn how from others.


Discover inspiring artists

The artistic scene in Paris isn’t boring. It's just unknown and unconnected.
Come discover new artists, making things from music to videos, costumes to settings, dancers to entertainers.
Be open - the vibes are good, and you'll be surprised. We offer a stage to the artists we love and you may love them, too. This rendezvous is free but seats are limited!


Make new friends

Whether you come from the tech or the art world, dare to mix it up with other people.
At The Family, we’re geeks who love art. We want more artists and creatives involved in the innovation scene. Relax, invite your friends and make some new good connections - real ones.

Wanna be on stage yourself or recommend an artist?
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