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Tuesday July 21 at 12:19 pm 

 Good vibes  with François, CEO of The Keepers

Freeing customers from constraints

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 Good vibes  with Alexis, cofounder of Reddit

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"Agricool is offering the majority of the farms’ produce to the personnel staffing Paris’s hospitals.

It’s urgent that we accelerate access to locally produced food."

Guillaume, CEO of Agricool

"Students have been sent home. We’ve decided to make their educational videos, quizzes, info sheets and more available, for just one euro."

CEO of Schoolmouve

“Since the beginning of the corona crisis, we’ve been offering MyDiabby to doctors for free, so that patients don’t need to go to the hospital.”

CEO of MyDiabby

"In case of hospitalization, freelancers are covered by Wemind."

Hind, CEO of Wemind

“Many freelancers will need cash soon. We can provide them with loans, up to €10K. We just doubled our customer care team to be able to provide an answer within 24 hours.”

Ali, CEO of Mansa

“If you order a meal on Nestor, you’re contributing to help Paris’s hospitals: 5% of Nestor’s profits will be donated to them.”

Sixte, CEO of Nestor

“We deliver the ingredients you need for the recipe you want to cook - 2500 grocery stores are partnering with us, and our recipes are now available for free.”

Jacques-Ed, CEO of Jow

“Providing help to laboratories in their race against the virus is one of the most meaningful experiences I’ve ever had with my team.”

Kourosh, CEO of Inato


The Family’s mission is to support purpose-driven creators in their efforts to bring value to society. We encourage, back, believe in founders even when hardly anyone sees the potential in their vision.

Then we get to see them grow, learn, and devote all of their time to building. Some keep growing, others fail - but come what may, they are the ones who take most responsibility for it. So we can understand the bitter taste when it all stops, especially for unexpected external reasons - like a pandemic.

But let’s not be dramatic, let’s take one step back. Determination can also called obsession when it hides the bigger picture: being alive is more important than making any business succeed. And losing is part of the business game. 

Today, we can’t move around, we can’t prevent the world economy from collapsing, and we can’t anticipate what’s gonna happen next.

What can we do as entrepreneurs?
We can transform, we can help, we can reinvent. Some founders are restructuring the company, cutting costs, making decisions to adapt to the moment. We’re seeing entrepreneurs rapidly reshaping their businesses. Some are still growing their companies right now and are using their leading position to boost others. And a lot of them are spontaneously contributing to the fight against coronavirus.

In the end, all we need right now is courage, imagination, optimism and care, and that's the main message of The Family.
Daring minds, you’re more than welcome to join.

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