It's a movement

Emancipation is the goal. Entrepreneurship is the way. Education is your tool. Read the Manifesto. Welcome to The Family!

We’re warriors-on-demand for entrepreneurs.

We’re not an incubator, not a VC, not an accelerator.
We are the family for entrepreneurs in Europe.

Our mission is to:

  • Educate entrepreneurs — because it is all about mindset.

  • Build an infrastructure to empower them — because it’s all about scalability.

  • Build a privileged access to smart investors — because ambition goes with money.

If the right tool is out there, we get it, and we get it at a discount.
If the right tool doesn’t exist, we build it as a spin-off.
If entrepreneurs have passion, we push them to express it and find their superfans.
If someone wants to found a startup to make money, we tell them to go find another job.

The Family is a platform that unites entrepreneurs across Europe in Paris, London and Berlin.
We don’t have three offices, we have one office, in three locations.

It is time to stop looking for what city will be the next Silicon Valley. We can build something even better: a startup continent that is diverse, dynamic and open.


Our investment thesis? Scale is coming.

Everything is scalable.
The Family empowers entrepreneurs to go beyond social networks, e-commerce and online marketing. The new battles are in sectors that thought they were safe from the digital revolution. Agriculture, retail, finance, beauty, healthcare, education, entertainment, public services... Every opportunity is in play. Scale is possible everywhere because:

  • Launching a startup is way cheaper than it was 20 years ago — from €5M in 1995 to €5K today.

  • Anyone (but not everyone) can be an entrepreneur. You can get the information, knowledge and contacts you need with a Google search and an email.

  • As technology becomes more powerful and adaptable, it is being applied in fields that aren’t strictly linked to the internet.

Software solutions and services are arriving every day to make the entrepreneur’s life easier, letting them concentrate 100% on execution and growth. But Europe’s relationship with entrepreneurship has been hurt by a toxic mindset and cultures that discourage risk-taking and bold ambitions. Widespread toxicity led to a lack of both local and global capital, creating a vicious circle that restricted the growth of European companies.

The Family overcomes these challenges by investing in people through our infrastructure:

  • Every startup in The Family is searching for scale from day one.

  • 40+ doers pour time and effort into working with them and solving every problems.

  • The Family brings together global capital so the best opportunities benefit both investors and entrepreneurs.


No mentors needed, infrastructure required

If you teach entrepreneurs to swim and directly throw them into a river filled with piranhas, don’t complain if they never rise to the surface... That’s basically been the approach to entrepreneurship in Europe. The Family teaches entrepreneurs to swim and gives them a wide lagoon to show off their talents.

Our actions to build this infrastructure are pretty simple, we...

Protect startups from toxic environments.
We prevent our entrepreneurs from being defeated by the negativity, the time-wasting bureaucracy and the distaste for ambition. How? Just join The Family and interact with anyone, you’ll get the strong impression that becoming a global leader is a legitimate goal.

Cast a wide net for people who give hope.
We find the entrepreneurs, investors, corporations and relevant people who want to build something new.

Create opportunities for people to learn and interact with each other.
We organize crazy events each week, focusing on the theory and experiences of startups, practical aspects of growing a company, case studies and interviews with successful entrepreneurs.
Our monthly dinners give entrepreneurs, investors, media, friends and ourselves a relaxing moment to hang out together.
Our online education platform has millions of views and is a European leader in startup content.

Welcome a significant deal flow.
Startups apply by the hundreds, investors ask about upcoming rounds, corporate executives want to work with us.

Push a sense of urgency into each stakeholder.
No one’s time is wasted. We concentrate on growth. We do not keep projects alive simply because no one wants to say: “It didn’t work.” The Family’s mission is to find success, not to avoid failure.

Accept failure.
If a project doesn’t work, that’s ok. Entrepreneurs are not kicked out of The Family just because their company didn’t find the right solution. Instead, they find new ways forward: sometimes entrepreneurs start a new company with a new idea. Sometimes they look around to see how they can help another company. This ability to recycle talent means that time and money are optimized for everyone. Every lesson learned makes the system stronger.

Our portfolio value is growing much faster than Europe’s toxicity is decreasing. That’s why we keep our eyes focused on our entrepreneurs, our startups, our investors. But we want our education structures, our thought-leadership, even our office to be open spaces that prove that anyone - anyone - can become an entrepreneur.


What do we do for our entrepreneurs that is so special?

Anyone can become an entrepreneur but not everyone can be a successful one. And even the successful ones need to develop their talents, overcome problems and keep their ambition high. That’s why we’ve created a system of unfair advantages:

  • Over €500K in exclusive deals.
    This includes the largest deal with Amazon Web Services in Europe (€100K) as well as deals with IBM, Facebook, Paypal and Github. These save entrepreneurs money and time, reduce the need for early financing and give fast access to the best market solutions; what’s more, we’re negotiating new deals every day.

  • Office Hours with Partners & Entrepreneurs-In-Residence.
    Office Hours quickly provide updates on the startup’s progress and are opportunities for everyone to ask questions. We don’t tell them what to do. We tell them how to do it, and to do it fast. Office Hours are also a great metric, they show which entrepreneurs are turning their promise into a reality. It let us develop trusting long-term relationships with entrepreneurs.

  • Access to successful founders and thought-leaders.
    These one-on-one meetings show how to find success in different markets and contexts while solidifying relationships between our entrepreneurs and key industry players. Scaling these relationships is important, so our team members organize introductions throughout our worldwide network.

  • Fundraising with godfathers.
    When a startup has traction and growth, we arrange meetings with our Godfathers regarding new fundraising rounds. Our solid relationships with global tier-one VC firms are key assets that help our entrepreneurs.

  • A team of doers on demand.
    The Family team is ready to do whatever needs to be done. We manage the chaos of growth better than anyone else. We constantly improve the infrastructure that supports our entrepreneurs’ ambition. We have a try-and-see approach that quickly capitalizes on success and reduces the costs of failure. We take a product-based approach to solving problems: we build things that don’t scale, and develop them as independent spin-offs when they prove widely useful.

  • Increasing Entrepreneurs’ courage.
    In Europe, the startup scene is full of people who are afraid of conflict, both culturally and because they are paid with public money. The Family is independent, free from institutional LPs and public money. We are ready to go to war and never surrender. We have fought and won high-profile battles in defense of our entrepreneurs, keeping startups alive and showing everyone in the ecosystem that things can change for the better when you’re driven by customers, innovation and ambition.

We named ourselves The Family for a reason.
The Family is a place where failure is fine and success is celebrated. We support each other and pay it forward to solidify our relationships with entrepreneurs.


The Team


The Family's Pride and Joy