So you wanna apply at The Family?

What is The Family?

We like to be outside of the labels: we aren’t an incubator. We aren’t an accelerator. We’re a new element in the system, a long-term, strategic and minority shareholder. The Family believes that anyone can be an entrepreneur, but not everyone will be a successful one - that’s why our infrastructure helps entrepreneurs to develop their talents, overcome problems and grow as fast as possible.

What do we do for our Entrepreneurs that is so special?

Each startup in The Family accesses over €500K in exclusive deals. This includes the largest deal with Amazon Web Services in Europe, as well as deals with IBM, Facebook, Paypal, Github, and many more. These deals save our Entrepreneurs money, reduce the need for early financing and give them fast access to the best market solutions.

Entrepreneurs have access to our Partners & Entrepreneurs-in-Residence through Slack, individual meetings, and our community events. We aren’t mentors. We won’t tell you what to do. We will tell you how to do it, and we will tell you to do it fast. Our in-house teams - Design, Dev, Growth, Video, and more - are there to provide support when needed. The Family does whatever needs to be done to support our startups in the chaos of growth, and we manage that chaos better than anyone else.

When a startup has traction and growth, we arrange introductions and meetings with our network of investors regarding new fundraising rounds, to make sure that our startups raise money with the right partners, on the right terms.

We increase our Entrepreneurs’ courage. Europe is full of people who are afraid of growth and risk, who fear disruption. We are independent. We are free from public money. We fight the wars where our only interest is making sure that our fellows survive and thrive. We show everyone in the ecosystem that things can change for the better when you’re driven by customers, innovation and ambition.

What are we looking for?

Exceptional individuals. Those who are crazy enough to build the billion-dollar companies of the future. Great projects that are scalable, no matter what industry they’re attacking, and that are showing real progress, no matter what stage they’re at.

How does it work?

You apply whenever you want. If you’re selected, you have 4 months to take advantage of everything The Family has to offer. After 4 months, you decide if it makes sense for you to sell X% of your shares to The Family at nominal price.

On our side, we’ll take those 4 months to decide if we want to work together over the long term.

We named ourselves The Family for a reason.

We support each other and pay it forward to solidify our relationships with Entrepreneurs. The Family is a place where failure is fine and success is celebrated.

If all that sounds good to you, the application form is down there :)

Go, apply.

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We've partnered with the best to give you up to €500K in great deals. They will prevent you from needing to raise seed money with bad investors, and they will save time and let you focus on your product.