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 Wednesday, December 2 - 4 to 7 pm CET  

Learn from the pioneers of tomorrow's working cultures 🌎

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With covid-19, the world has been radically changing.

Entrepreneurs and great operators from the top tech companies have been trying lots of new ways of working to adapt to the current times.

We'll be addressing these points, using insights from innovators when it come to hiring.


1. SOURCING :  Job description, distribution, employer branding

2. SELECTION : Screening, interviews, references

3. ONBOARDING : Culture, team building, technical onboarding

4. RETENTION : One-on-ones, team moments, scope and evolution, maintaining cohesion

5. PLANNING : Build your talent strategy




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✨We are thrilled to organize this online summit in partnership with:


Remote help companies of all sizes hire top talent all over the world, in full compliance with local laws.


Even beyond their incredible cloud solution, AWS are long-term advocates for startups and we are thrilled to be working on initiatives to support the community with them.


HireSweet allows Tech companies to recruit the best developers and regain control of their hiring process.


Simple yet powerful video communication tool for companies of all sizes. Engage your audience with better video communication.


Cooptalis supports Talents and expatriates with recruitment, visa, relocation and training solutions. is the simplest way for software engineers to find great jobs in innovative companies.


Talentpeople is the HR industry leader in France, specialising in outsourcing of talent acquisition and talent management.

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 Leadership Recruiting Manager 
 at Facebook 

From Paris, living in the US for over 15 years now. 10+ years of recruiting experience in the silicon valley. Currently heading up product leadership recruiting at Facebook. Prior to Facebook, he was head of recruiting at Neuralink and worked closely with Elon Musk and his chief of staff to fill some of the most niche positions in the world. He also scaled Gusto 30 to ~600 employees in 3 years leading a team of ~30 recruiters across 2 offices. He's passionate about scaling processes and obsessed over efficiency.



 CEO at 

Job has been working for GitLab for the last five years and helped it grow from 5 to 450 people.
They have a grand total of zero offices! Everyone works remotely, in over 45 different countries. 

The future of work means that we can work from wherever we want, whenever we want. It doesn’t mean we all work from home. It means we gain significant freedom in making decisions, to prioritize what is most important to us. makes it easier for organizations and people to work remotely.


 CEO at HireSweet  

Robin Choy is tackling a great challenge: Having high quality engineers who join your company in the early days.

Robin helps startups recruit Software Engineers by developing cutting-edge AI tools. Thousands of startups have scaled their teams with their help, often from 10 to 100+ people. The knowledge Robin has acquired about the process is pure gold.
Discover how to set up a super efficient process to build the best tech team for each stage .



 Managing Editor at Prezi 

Lorraine is the Managing Editor at Prezi, where she leads an editorial team focused on building the visual communications platform into a top content destination that educates and inspires users all over the world. Lorraine has extensive experience leading editorial teams at tech companies in Silicon Valley. She was an editor at LinkedIn for 6 years, working in both San Francisco and Hong Kong, and started her career at a messaging startup founded by one of the first 10 employees at Google. She is a proud graduate of the Medill School of Journalism.

Alice speaker.png


 CEO at The Family 

Alice has been supporting entrepreneurs for more than a decade. Company Culture, Hiring and Branding are her favorite topics to be a sparring partner on.



 Startup Business Development Manager 
at AWS France 

Julia Barry is responsible for helping startups scale and achieve their fullest potential using AWS’ infrastructure and technology. Julia works on partnering with the most influential incubators, accelerators and startup organizations in France. She’s also an avid skier, British boxer and horse-riding junkie since age 4.


 Co-founder at The Family 

Oussama is a serial entrepreneur and business angel.
Passionate about entrepreneurship and startup stories, he's been accompanying founders for more than 10 years now. 
Since covid started, Oussama has seen the different ways of attracting talents, from a culture to another, from a sector to another, he will share with you the best practices, from The Family founders and beyond.



 Chief of People at Mindvalley 

She believes that work & careers are a way for us to express ourselves. Her mission is to help others define their core drive and purpose.
At MINDVALLEY she's hiring world class talent from all over the world to join one mission: raising human consciousness and shaping the future of education.



 Paris Lead at 

After a first tech entrepreneurial experience, Margot joined almost 5 years ago as Employee N° 18. Today, Margot is in charge of leading operations for the most grown market of : Paris. Leading a global team of 30 people, she recently took the responsability of analysing and launching offer regarding Remote recruitment. This service will help any engineer in the world to find a job remote and become a massive shift in the tech recruitment industry.



 CEO at Livestorm 

Gilles Bertaux is co-founder and CEO of Livestorm, the all-in-one platform for video communication. As a first-time entrepreneur, Gilles co-founded Livestorm in 2016 along with Robin Lambert, Tom Forlini and Vincent Garreau. In November 2020, Gilles raised $30M in series B funding to strengthen Livestorm’s presence in the US and introduce new video use cases. Today 3,500+ companies trust Livestorm to organize their meetings, webinars or online events. Livestorm has been recognized by G2 as a Leader 2020 in the categories “webinar” and “web conferencing.


 Chief Revenue Officer 

 at Cooptalis 

Jacques is a passionate and persistent achiever with hands-on General Management and Business Development experience. As the Chief Revenue Officer at Cooptalis, he is interested in being part and parcel of the development and optimization of dynamic organizations.



 Global HR Manager 

 at FairMoney 

Maud is a passionate international HR & Talent manager. She is currently in charge of the HR & Talent Team at FairMoney and leads international hiring and people management in emerging markets. She loves sharing best practises with other professionals especially in the tech scene.

Maud Speaker.png


 Coach and Facilitator 

Marc Avanzo lives between Sarajevo and Lyon, working as a leadership consultant and executive coach at McKinsey. His specialty is personal transformation, mutual understanding and communications across diverse business functions.

Marc Speaker.png



Deel is a compliance and payments platform that automates international hiring & payroll.
Alex works to solve the largest challenges that come with moving to a distributed, global workforce: payroll and compliance.
700+ companies use Deel to onboard their international teams and to manage international payments without having to worry about any of the complex overhead that comes with specific currency and labor law requirements.
Deel is backed by Y Combinator, A16Z and Y Spark Capital.

Capture d’écran 2020-11-12 à 21.00.49.


 Engineering Manager 
 at Spendesk 

Raphael is a Tech Lead with 10+ years of experience - specialised in machine learning.
He worked in Amazon for the past 4 years for Alexa  developing new devices like Echo Show, or Echo Spot. He worked on synchronizing teams, training new hires and running technical interviews for the hiring process.



 Wednesday, Dec 2 - 4 to 7 pm CET  


4PM - Switch your recruiting game, the rules have changed

 TALK  by Oussama Ammar, Cofounder at The Family 


4.30PM - Meet with 3 participants



4.45PM - Talent sourcing in a remote world

 FIRESIDE CHAT  with Robin Choy, CEO at Hiresweet & Job Van Der Voort, CEO at Remote

gilles and alice.png

5.30PM - Hyper-growth as a remote team

 FIRESIDE CHAT  with Alice Zagury and Gilles Bertaux, CEO at Livestorm 

Program Photo.png

6PM - Breaking barriers to hire the best talent

 PANEL  with Alex Bouaziz, CEO at Deel and Margot Dumas, Paris Lead at —  moderated by Alex Cabon, Events Manager at The Family


6.30PM - The power of culture to retain people

 PANEL  with Charles Guillemet, Leadership Recruiter at Facebook ; Julia Barry, Business Development Manager for startups at AWS & Eleonora Valenti, Chief People Officer at Mindvalley —  moderated by Alice Zagury, CEO at The Family


7.15PM - Meet with 3 participants



7.30PM - How to create an inclusive culture for remote employees

 WORKSHOP  with Jacques Reynaud, Chief Revenue Officer at Cooptalis

Lorraine Workshop.png

7.30PM - How to stand out: video & Linkedin tips

 WORKSHOP  with Lorraine Lee, Managing Editor @ Prezi  and ex-Linkedin employee

Robin Workshop.png

7.30PM - How to build your outreach pipeline

 WORKSHOP  with Robin Choy, CEO at Hiresweet

marc agenda.png

7.30PM - Perfect match beyond your startup values

 WORKSHOP  Articulate your culture, scan for the unspoken values and norms in your team and take actions to align


7.30PM - Hiring the Amazon way

 WORKSHOP  with Julia Barry, Startup Business Development Manager at AWS

Raphael Workshop.png

7.30PM - How to onboard tech talents

 WORKSHOP  with Raphaël Moutard, Engineering Manager at Spendesk

Maud Program.png

7.30PM - How to hire top developers in niche markets

 WORKSHOP  with Maud Grenier, Global HR Manager at FairMoney

Job Workshop (1).png

7.30PM - Navigating the complexity of Global HR

 WORKSHOP  with Job Van Der Voort, CEO @

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